Out of Home Adverts Should Be Driving Your Business' Marketing Strategy

Despite being the oldest form of marketing, Out-of-home (OOH) advertising remains one of the best ways to reach new customers. Now accounting for 6% of the global spend on advertising, OOH advertising today is a $29 billion industry. For every dollar that you spend on OOH advertising, you can look forward to receiving approximately $5.97 in ROI revenue. This significant return makes OOH 40% more effective than digital marketing and 14% more impactful than print adverts. With the reach of print steadily declining year on year and consumer desensitization to online adverts, companies of all sizes are using OOH marketing in new and innovative ways to grow business.

Take Netflix for example, who have invested heavily in billboard adverts to market their original content. In an interview with Mediapost, Gino Sesto, founder of OOH and digital marketing company Dash Two, said Netflix’s “billboards are almost like a TV Guide for them”. Netflix is so assured of the success of their OOH marketing, last year they spent $150 million buying just 35 billboards along West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.


This is because OOH is the only traditional form of marketing which has grown over the last ten years. OOH advertising is expected to yield up to 4% more revenue in the coming five years and is predicted to be a $33 billion market by 2021. When you think of OOH advertising, your mind probably gravitates to static billboards. However, as much as consumer trends change, so do the ways in which we advertise. No more is OOH marketing limited to street corners, it’s everywhere - from elevators to bathroom stalls to vehicles. With Nickel Wraps, our OOH marketing wraps are constantly on the move, reaching thousands of consumers on a daily basis.

Making a Great First Impression Still Matters

OOH adverts work because they grab the consumer’s attention in their own space wherever they work, study or live without the intrusion online adverts bring. The marketing you invest in on digital platforms can so easily be eliminated with blocking plug-ins or lost in algorithms. It is, by far, the most accessible form of advertising, making it possible for OOH adverts to reach 50% to 90% of consumers in most markets. It’s also becoming increasingly easy to measure the effectiveness of your OOH marketing thanks to new technologies, such as electronic location data and eye-tracking. These advancements mean we’re getting closer to measuring actual impressions on consumers, rather than having to estimate the reach of OOH adverts.


Nickelytics knows how important it is to determine the success of a marketing campaign and what your ROI is, that’s why we’re one step ahead. We give our clients real-time audience analytics that allows you to track impressions and population demographics so you can measure your exact ROI and review your campaign on our one-stop Nickelytics Dashboard. We provide advertisers with the most cost-effective OOH campaigns and the ability to reach their ideal target market. If you are interested seeing how your business can benefit from our services reach out below.


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