Giggin' with Nickelytics: Let’s show you how we can work for you!

New Dimension4Recent news revealed that approximately 57 million US workers are in the gig economy. Clearly stated it means that they are doing part-time work and side hustles as they are less formally referred to as. 

Interestingly enough gig jobs are used by many when they are between full-time jobs or cannot find a new job after being laid off. In some cases, people turn to these jobs when they need more flexibility than their traditional job provides.  

Research that has been gathered from various forums explains exactly why gig jobs continue to increase in popularity. One such forum is ioffice which describes gig jobs as “attractive perks’ and it identifies gig jobs as being an avenue 36% of the American population turns to either from their primary job or from their secondary job. While it provides several pieces of statistical data it lists the two most common reasons why traditional workers chose gig jobs as being "to earn extra money” (68% and to “have flexibility in [their] schedule” (42%). This and several other pieces of information were also shared by Forbes. 

Based on the information that has been presented surely we can see that the data and the research speak volumes. Ideally, gig jobs are facilitated by technology. At Nickelytics we do it slightly differently. With a combination of our entrepreneurial skills and our cloud solutions, we are strategically poised to facilitate a number of new gig jobs. 

We are currently recruiting drivers across all major cities across in the US who drive a minimum of 30 miles a day and have a car newer than 2010. Approved drivers who join our team serve as brand ambassadors and are paid monthly to advertise on their vehicles.

Using our motto of "We Wrap, You Drive, You Earn" we use our data which we capture using our proprietary technology to track who sees these ads and then we analyze the demographics. 

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